The Confluence, Revisited

Just outside of Auburn, the North and Middle Forks of the American River join. Almost two years ago, I paid my first visit to the spot. It was spring then, at the end of another dry rainy season. Since I wandered the area, I’ve wondered what it might look like in a wet year. Well, we’ve had a wet rainy season this year so far.

I wanted to get back up to the confluence the last couple of weeks, but didn’t make it until today. I had heard reports that in the midst of the storms, the river was raging. The waters behind Lake Clementine were so high that the water was spilling over the top. I dilly dallied and delayed.

Here are a couple of pictures I took from similar vantage points almost two years ago. Compare them to the pictures on the linked post.



They show a river that is wider and deeper, but not raging anymore.  The next time we get a major storm through here, I’ll have to head back a whole lot sooner.

I thought of heading to Lake Clementine for some shots of the dam, just in case the water was still overflowing. The round-trip hike was about 5 miles. I had come unprepared. No water or snacks. I decided to put that off for another time as well since I figured the water couldn’t still be doing so. I asked a couple of young ladies who had come from Clementine. “Oh yeah, still is,” they said. “It’s worth it.” Sigh.

I still find it amazing that this place would have been submerged if the Auburn Dam plans had been successful.

One last picture…



3 thoughts on “The Confluence, Revisited

  1. Beautiful shots of the neighborhood! I need to make the walk up the the dam myself, but you can’t take a dog there, unfortunately. We’ll have leave the poochster at home for that one.

    It still boggles my mind they were going to flood that canyon and have another generic lake. That’s why that bridge is so tall, incidentally. The water would have come up nearly to the top of the concrete pillars.


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