Stevens Trail on the North Fork

In my last post, I announced I hoped to hike a 25-mile trail from Salmon Falls Bridge to Coloma.  Those plans were crushed on the rocks of a few issues.  First, to do that hike on that trail I need a hiking companion or two.  I haven’t found that companion yet.  And the truth is I haven’t looked that hard.  I have issues with my right thigh and hip that seem to announce their presence in a loud voice right around six or seven miles of hiking.  Unless I can get past that, the idea of going for 25 miles is somewhat ridiculous.

Today, I walked the Stevens Trail on the North Fork of the American River.  I went with a co-worker and his wife.  The trailhead is in Colfax.  It meanders along the river for about four miles before it drops you off at the river.  The question though is whether it is really four miles.  One article I read says the out and back is 8.3 miles.  Another says it is 7.7 miles.  And the sign at the trailhead says it is 4.5 miles to the river.

All I know is that the views along the trail are beautiful.  There is something incredibly peaceful and restoring about this…


The hike down to the river seemed relatively easy.  There was some up and down, but it was relatively easy.  Once we got to the water’s edge, we waded about for a bit.  It was nice to get into the cool water and just be quiet for a few minutes.


We began the hike back.  And we went uphill fooooorrrrrrreeeeevvvvveeeeeeerrrrrr.  It is odd how what seemed to be some up and down, without anything that seemed like it would incredibly demanding on the way back became a long, long slog back to the trailhead.  And, yes, my right hip and thigh weakened towards the end and made it difficult for the last mile or so.  Getting old sucks.

2 thoughts on “Stevens Trail on the North Fork

  1. I haven’t been on that trail yet, precisely because of the long uphill back from Paradise. Not to mention it was hot yesterday, man! You have to be in pretty good condition to pull off that climb in 95 degree heat …

    Maybe in the fall I’ll have to give Stevens a shot. Maybe. 😉


    • The SacBee had an article about the trail in 2015. My memory of it was that the author did say there was some ups, but it wasn’t really a dire warning. Nothing to suggest a four mile long relentless slog uphill. The views of the river though are pretty incredible.


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